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Cement Rendering Melbourne

Concrete rendering is incredibly sturdy, visually appealing and importantly, cost effective. When you choose to cement render your house, you are choosing a unique look for your walls at a reasonable price.

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed surface onto walls to create a cement layer over the top. The cement render itself is a combination of sand, cement, lime and clay which is then screed flat, floated, and sponged to create a flawless cement or concrete render.

At Bay 2 Bay Rendering, our cement rendering services create a finished product that is both faultless and hides the imperfections of the wall underneath whilst helping to fight erosion.

With a variety of finished looks, ranging from fine, textured, course and everything in between, a cement render by Bay 2 Bay Rendering adds an element of character to your walls, differentiating your home from your neighbours.

For renovators, architects, builders and homeowners alike, cement rendering is a great choice if you’re looking to balance stylish design with relatively low cost.

Our Process For Cement Rendering

Our process for cement rendering is tried and tested, with lasting results. With over fifteen years of experience and an in-house colour consultant, Bay 2 Bay Rendering is the cement rendering company you can trust.

Our customer-orientated service involves our customers in every step of the concrete rendering process, ensuring you have input from the beginning of the project until the end.

Our team, including expert tradespeople, go through every detail of the project to ensure you get the perfect finish for your property.

Once everything has been approved, the cement mixture is applied to brick, stone, cement, and/or painted walls, to give the walls of your home an increased lifespan and a brand new look.

To give you that extra peace of mind, all our products and services at Bay 2 Bay Rendering come with a seven year warranty.

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For those looking for high quality and durable cement rendering, Melbourne residents and businesses can trust Bay 2 Bay Rendering.

At Bay 2 Bay Rendering, we service a wide range of areas within the CBD and surrounding south east suburbs, from St. Kilda to Cranbourne and everywhere in between.

We are customer focused and proud of our strong professional values of honesty, integrity and consistent quality workmanship, which translates into perfectly finished projects, every time.

For a free, no obligation quote on the finest cement render Melbourne has to offer, fill out our online contact form or call (03) 8582 2038 to speak to a friendly staff member today.

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Fully insured, professional and offering a 7 year guarantee on all product and workmanship. Partnering with Bay 2 Bay will provide you that peace of mind the job will be exceptional.

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